Content Marketing Important Statistics

If you are still not serious about content marketing, you are missing huge opportunity still open for the marketers.

You must know 12 important statistics of content marketing (2017)

1) 94% of B2B marketers used linkedin to promote content

2) Content marketing will be a $300 billion industry by 2019 – 225% rise after 4 years

3) 53% of marketers say blog content help inbound marketing

4) Companies that publish more than 15 blogs get almost 3.5X more traffic than other companies that publish 0 to 4 blogs

5) 43% of people skim blogs but 78% prefer image/video content

6) 55% of B2B marketers admit, they are unclear on effectiveness of content marketing (opportunity for you)

7) 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sale

8) Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media

9) Articles with 5 images in 500 words of content get doubly shared than articles with few images

10) 71% of online marketers use visual content in social media

11) Infographics are shared 3X more than any other form of images in social media

12) 90% of marketers use visual assets in more than 50% of their articles

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