Gmail Postmaster Tools to Find Spam Emails Correctly

No more important emails getting wrongly placed in spam folder. The error in deciding on the reputation of each email will be thing of past. The problem is addressed with the latest development by Gmail developers.

Announcing the new Postmaster Tools, Google Product Manager Sri Harsha Somanchi claimed in a blog post said, “Gmail users get lots of important email from companies like banks and airlines – from monthly statements to ticket receipts – but sometimes these wanted messages are mistakenly classified as spam. When this happens, you might have to wade through your spam folder to find that one important email (yuck!). We can help senders to do better, so today we’re launching the Gmail Postmaster Tools.”

The same intelligence developed for Google Search and Google Now is used to filter spam emails

Google revealed that the new spam filter will now use an artificial neural network to identify and block the “sneaky spam.” The revamped Gmail filter will now be able to recognise what type of emails a user prefers.

“We also recognise that not all inboxes are alike. So while your neighbour may love weekly email newsletters, you may loathe them. With advances in machine learning, the spam filter can now reflect these individual preferences,” said Somanchi.

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