Top 5 Content Marketing Tricks That Can Boost Traffic

Information for the website need to be created in the form which can be shared, populated and talked about.
The information can be developed in a variety of formats, including news, video, white papers, e-books, infographics, case studies, how-to guides, question and answer articles, photos and FAQs.

The information created are consumed in website or social media sites. To make information shareable, marketing professionals adhere to Content Marketing guidelines which are simple and can be planned pretty easily.

Content Marketing Strategy – A Simple Guide

Content Marketing Plan and Strategy

Niche in Content Marketing

Choose one niche in which you can produce exhaustive and inforich articles.

Regularity in Content Marketing

Create content on a daily/weekly/monthly basis – whatever schedule suits your Industry niche. Make it a habit to stick to the timelines of content delivery. To get themes of articles use google news, twitter trends, facebook popularity to know latest topics preferred by the relevant crowd.

Format in Content Marketing

Use all formats of content – text, image, video, infographic – to serve all types of content to the google.

Call for Action

Use call for action, preferably floating widget on each page of the website. Readers of the content are good but then mere readers cannot become prospects or customers unless we develop a connection with them through opt-in email forms.

call for action for content marketing


Cover latest events, seminars, workshops and conferences happening in your Industry. Do not miss statements of big speakers happening in these events.

Bonus Content Marketing Trick- Feedback

Use feeback of the readers to emphatically make changes on the quality of the content/themes.

The practice of planning the content creation, delivery, editing process and proper  governance can boost content marketing. Adhering to the simple steps given above can make content marketing successful.

Survey Feedback in Content Marketing

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