Top B2B Sites in The World, Asian Sites Dominating The List!

Business-to-business (B2B) describes commerce transactions between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer. The overall volume of B2B (Business-to-Business) transactions is much higher than the volume of B2C transactions. The reason being ticket size of transactions are very high as they fulfill non-retail requirements.

B2B business relationships are long term and some of the times, benefits are also based on the regulations of the countries the dealers deal with.

List of Business to Business Sites

The list of b2b sites given here cover almost 75% of the market globally in terms of online transactions.

How business to business sites help in building global brand out of local company

Branding: If you are planning to upscale your brand and make your products reach global or asian market then you can use membership of B2B sites.

24×7 Listing and Visibility: Your listing is available 24X7 so for some of the products you might not be ranking in search engines but getting listed in premium locations of these sites help you increase visibility and your listing could be seen in search engine ranking. Moreover, the listing is live for 24X7/365 days so even if offline office is closed, the listing is alive for the customers seeking info about your products/services.

Promotion and Support: You can promote your website and let your customers contact you through contact form.

Reach: The b2b sites have millions of customers browsing through them so awareness of products/services can be populated among worldwide customers.

Cost-Effective: The membership fees are minimal, so the benefits are very cost effective.

No Local office: You don’t require regional office or staff to control the operations.

Low Cost of Delivery: To fulfill requirements of your clients/customers; you just need to deliver the order on their destination. The cost of delivery is very low if you are sending truck load of shipments. For small business; this might not be that cost effective.

Diversification/Scalability: You can upscale your product range as the demand increases and add up the ancillary inventories to diversify the product range.

B2B sites to increase business and go global

Top 5 B2B Sites in the World

1. Alibaba – site:
Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese
Origin: China
This is the largest B2B portal in the world; you can put 50 products on it for free. Enough products and companies on it. To reduce competition among open members, compared to other sites, its data is not open to other search engines. Only customers of can get you products information.

2. Manta – site:
Language:  English
Origin: USA
Manta is not exactly a B2B marketplace. Rather, it provides company profiles for Business to Business industry.

3. Indiamart – site:
Language: English
Origin: India
Created in India, 70% customers are in India, it is a good place to do the India market.

4. Made-in-china – site:
Languages: English, Chinese, Taiwanese
Origin: China
China manufacturer directory and China products catalog, providing trade leads among China factory, manufacturers, suppliers, and global buyers.

5. Dhgate – site:
Languages: English, Chinese
Origin: China
A totally new hybrid in B2B industry, is also serving a third-party payment escrow. The buyers pay through PayPal and funds are deposited into DHgate account.

6. China.CN – site:
Languages: English, Chinese
Origin: China
Founded by the China Internet Information Center, is a government authorized B2B website based in Beijing, the capital city of China.

7. Ioffer – site:
Language: English
Origin: USA
Online marketplace to buy, sell and trade.

8. Tradeindia – site:
Language: English
Origin: India
India’s largest online B2B e-marketplace, offering online business directory and yellow pages of Indian & Foreign manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, importers & service providers.

9. Globalsources – site:
Language: English, Chinese
Origin: China
It has a very big data base system of Asia; it is a excellent place to find your customers or your potential partners from Asia.

10. DIY trade – site:
Language: English, Chinese
Origin: China
Launched in the year 1999 with the name eBigChina and renamed in the year 2006 it is regarded as one of the best trading platforms with a staggering number of more than five million products. It offers huge range of products available in different categories and the aim of their company is to integrate ecommerce with their daily business activities.

You can check ranking of more such sites here.

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