Some Important Statistics you must know about Behavior of your Employees with respect to Digital Marketing activities

The engagement of employees is relative to reputation of the company and extension of profile reach to peers to develop network.

1) 31% of employed internet users search online for information about colleagues, co-workers, professionals or business competitors

2) 12% of working adults market profile online as part of their job

3) 70% of employers didn’t hire an applicant because of online content

4) 11% say that their job requires them to promote themselves through social media or other online tools

5) More than 70% of profile damage happen due to buzz vs. reality mismatch

6) 56% adults surveyed don’t actively think about the consequences of their online activities

7) 40% of companies look for digital reputation of the candidates

4) 47% assume that people they meet will search for information about them on the internet

9) 24% of employed adults say that their employer has rules or guidelines about how they are allowed to present themselves online

10) 74% of working marketers agree that building vendor trust through their job help to build reputation

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