How to Setup Google Adwords for PPC Marketing

Google adwords is the best advertising network due to relevancy, high CTR, better conversions and maximum reach.

Here we are discussing how to easily set up Google Adwords account in 3 simple steps, to start PPC marketing to expand business sales.


Step 1

Visit to set up an account. The setting up is similar to Bing Ads setup method.

You can use existing Gmail account or create new one. If you plan for long term campaigns then create new email id dedicated for the PPC account.

google adwords setup

Step 2

Now setup convenient time zone and currency preferences.

setup google adwords

Step 3

Final step is making payment.

Automatic payments:  You are charged on reaching your billing threshold or 30 days after your last automatic payment, whichever comes first.

Manual payments: Its pre-payment method. Charges are deducted from the prepaid amount.

If account is out of funds, running advertising is stopped till further payment is made.

For faster approval of payment use credit cards. If you want to use Bank account then verifying the details take some time.

You can use google adwords promo code from here. Place the code as shown in the snapshot below.

setting up adwords in easy steps

Start promoting your website, your account is fully setup after the payment confirmation from Google.

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