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5 Sureshot Ways to Get Quality Backlinks


Proactively ask clients/customers to place testimonial links of your site on their website or social media posts. Genuine experience about your product should be shared by them.

Guest posting

Email to editors to request them about writing on their website. On an average the response rate ranges from 2% to 14% based on the subject line and body of the message. So 1000 emails sent would revoke 20 to 140 positive response.

Place backlinks to your site after few approved submissions on their portals. Do not hyperlink it in initial couple of submissions. Treat it as the channel of building goodwill.

Blogger outreach

This is mostly paid activity. Bloggers of specific sectors are approached to write content with backlinks to your website. Either the links are placed in blogger sites or in third party blogs which they are contributors.

Peer links

Request your colleagues, alliances, employees, vendors, friends, followers, relatives and fans to place link to your website whenever they write article about your sector. You can also provide them pre-written content and get it published on their sites.


Organize content contest. Publicize it through social media and SEM-ppc campaigns. Top 5 winners should be awarded handsome rewards. The only condition to get entry should be to place permanent link (in badge format) as a participant to your website. You would highlight the winner in your website.

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