SEO Mistakes Identified with Solutions *Recent Google Update

SEO Mistakes and Evolved Solutions

You cannot afford to ignore the mistakes:
SEO generate quality traffic with conversion rates ranging from 3% to 20% depending on the industry performance. While offline advertising are able to fetch only 0.5% to 1.8% at optimal performance.

Mistake 1 – Marketing diversified Content to increase volume of indexed pages

unique fresh content liked by users


      • Compose, manage and compile ONLY high quality content.
      • Do not target lateral themes if you do not have experts to write about them.
      • Always focus on authoritative content so that your pages are cited by other websites.
      • Information provided should be well researched, possibly accurate and stats based.
      • Producing unique content can make you become a content brand in your sector.
      • Irrelevancy can result in stiff penalties by search engines.

Mistake 2 – Excessive Internal Links to increase browserability

excessive non-template based links is SPAM


      • Never link exact match anchor texts in the content, for example: shoes, red shoes – instead use know more about red shoes here.
      • Relevantly check/link one page to another. Non-categorical linkages lead to spam.
      • At the most, try to have less volume of links in the content body (400 words content should have one or two links).
      • Excessive backlinks dissect page rank equity (page rank is now considered as obsolete- inclination to other factors).
      • Make it shareable, add social sites tag at the bottom of the content.
      • Do n’t be selfish. Share off-site information by linking to external citational reference links.
      • Avoid buying site-wide paid links.

Mistake 3 – Scrapping content making minor changes

anti-plagiarism is key to content marketing


      • Do not copy past entire content, at the most use excerpts and provide external link to the site for citational purpose.
      • Use copyscape tool to check copied content of your site.
      • Use rel=author tag, verified with google+ profile to assign your authority on the content.

Mistake 4 – Keyword rich content and URLs

theme based content is vital for infobased content


      • Never make keyword rich content, think of user’s intent and provide them proper information.
      • Do not unnecessarily make keyword rich links – shorten the title and make theme based urls.
      • Produce content based on theme not on keywords.
      • Target niche, do not scatter with lateral themes.
      • Use self rel=canonical tag on important pages to avoid duplicacy issues generated through tag clouds.

Hope you found the information relevant and informative. Please follow this up with your feedback.

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    Great update. Your post is on new and advance learning.

    Just adding some old stuffs from my side.

    Avoid doing the following seo mistakes:

    – Hidden Text
    – Keyword Stuffing
    – Meta Tag Stuffing
    – Doorway Pages
    – URL Redirection
    – Link Farms
    – Cloaking
    – Mirror Websites


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