yahoo bing ads setup

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Bing has lesser exposure in terms of audience as compared to Google. Still, Bing cannot be ignored if you are looking for aggressive search engine marketing.

Here we are discussing setting up Bing Ads account in 3 simple steps.


Step 1

Visit and you will reach page as shown below. The steps are similar to setting up Google adwords account.

setting up bing ads PPC

You can use existing microsoft account or create new email id to specifically manage Bing Ads. Creating new account is recommended.

Step 2

Fill some regular details as the formal account information- name, email, business phone etc.

bing advertisement setup

Step 3

Update your billing information. Make payment through credit cards, paypal, bank or bing coupon. You can create new campaigns once the payment is confirmed by Bing. If you are already using Google adwords and satisfied with the adgroups and CTR from the ads shown in Google network. Then you can probably replicate the success with Bing too. Import data from Google adwords as shown here.

yahoo bing ads setup

You are done. Start creating campaigns. Keep minimum budget to check efficacy, later on, you can upscale the marketing if the results are seen as per your expectations.


  1. Linda Bareth says:

    Is it worth doing a PPC advertising campaign on Yahoo or Bing network. Sorry, never tried them.

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