Why you should target Youtube Marketing in India?

YouTube tripled regional viewership in India in last 2 years!

Go regional if you want to catch mindset of Indian consumers.

YouTube informed that Indian language content viewership is doubling annually and it also has a global audience, with 40% of the subscribers outside India. Punjabi content is a hit in the US, the UK and Canada, while south Indian content is popular in the Middle East.

YouTube India has close to 100 LIVE web series, with south India alone contributing 40%, and about two dozen more in the works. While comedy creators were the first to taste success in India, other genres in categories such as music, technology and food started making a mark last year.

“In 2016, it spilled over into languages like Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Haryanvi and in 2017, it is seeing growth for regional languages, even Hindi is being represented by content creators in different dialects,” said Satya Raghavan, head of entertainment at YouTube India.

“Brands now realise they can reach consumers in different pockets of India by partnering with YT content creators. For instance, Hindustan Unilever would show only Hindi ads, now they have opportunity to make advertisements in diverse Indian languages,” he said.

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